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Brigit Koch
founder of

Born and raised in Switzerland as a poor farmer’s daughter, I learned to work hard and supply for my life from a young age. Nevertheless, I was privileged by free, high class schooling, working in hospitals on weekends, nights, as a freelance journalist and communications consultant to pay for my living I completed an MA in German and English literature, an higher education diploma and an MA in New Media Arts. In the past years I’ve been teaching upper secondary school and blended learning at teachers’ college.
I studied and lived in the USA, Northern Ireland and China.
My artistic expression always sought to capture the unsuspected. In my sketches I search for gesture, for expressions and for a fresh perspective, in my photography I try to capture the everyday life, the personality, the moment. Find some pictures here taken on my travels to Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe to bring to the most vulnerable school dropouts.
Art allows us to capture the moments, the soul of an expression, a situation, to capture the unseen. Some of my favourite photos were taken with my camera hanging over my chest, taking the pictures on instinct.

What is more representative of a healthy and rounded human being than artistic expression? Art allows us paradigm shifts, to revisit and reinvent the world, to focus on viewpoints that are often forgotten.

At we aim at empowering youths through education and coach them to become creative, innovate and crosslinked thinkers, responsible global citizens and leaders of change in their communities. My life’s dream was to combine my passion for life-long learning, creativity, maths, science and writing and sharing knowledge with my love for humanity. We’ve seen the need, we’ve seen it can be done, so all we needed to get started and do it! is uniqe in its approach: We aim at empowering the youths to empower themselves through education, so they can bring to their families, communities and countries, not just by counteracting brain-drain, but also by allowing them to learn about global issues, to apply their knowledge and become innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.