Summaiyya Muhammad

I’m a food and portrait smartphone photographer. Yes, I shoot with my Smartphone.

I have this connection with food. I said to myself I love photography, food and traveling, putting these three things together could be the ultimate dream, so I made up my mind to become a food photographer and eat my way through the entire world, and also a portrait photographer using my mobile phone regardless of the gear I own. 

I shoot images that makes my viewers want to have what’s on your menu. I’ve worked with different notable brands and start-up businesses to shoot their products. I’m currently studying Agriculture at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University.


Art in this sense is communication, it allows people form different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images sounds and story. 
Art brings us joy, helps us express our values. Arts are also fundamental components of a healthy community strengthening them socially, educationally, and economic benefits that persist even in difficult social and economic times. 

I support “ “ because it stimulates business and economic growth in community , this businesses and creative people they employ , empower and support encourage innovation while playing a vital part in building and sustaining a local economy 

I would say Art is often a vehicle for social change.