Ivo Loretz - Artist, Photographer

Ivo Loretz, born June 17th, 1972, Switzerland

I had the chance to do college here in Switzerland giving me access to university. It’s free of charge and accessible for everyone who passes the entry exams. I’m aware that this is very different for a lot of young people in many other countries. They shall have the same chance I had. For me this is what empowermefirst.college stands for.

Painting has become a passion of mine since my mid-twenties. My way of painting is impulsive and intuitive, straight. There’s no immanent subject, thought or feeling, so the outcome is a surprise to me everytime. That’s what makes it fascinating.

I did college, worked in a camp for asylum seekers here in Switzerland and then studied Sociology and Media. Over time my creative side became stronger. I intensified my painting and photography. I’m writing poetry, Slam Poetry and play improvised theatre with all of my heart. It’s this creativity which gives me fulfillment.