Victoria Falls women's cooperative

This crafts and arts market in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, is a local initiative founded by a group of women who are the main bread winners for their families. With their hard work they put food on their tables and send their children and grand-children to school. Their support of each other is a great example of women empowerment: They collaborate to create work, using each others’ skills and sharing the profits. 

For many young mothers, making crafts and art is the only way to feed and educate their children and themselves. We buy unique arts, such as batiques telling stories about village life, from these women and sell them to fund our education: Internet, solar panels, etc. Why not make a gift that makes a difference? 

Meet the women

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Batiques Special

Each of these handmade batiques are made with great love. 

They depict village life and from the unique view of each artist and with warm and strong colours they not only reflect the Zimbabwean sun and atmosphere but also give a loving and personal view of village life.

Touch your heart with the warmth of these women and allow beauty in! Get one of these unique and rare batiques now!

Other arts and crafts

Traditions are right next to modern life.

This wood carving of husband and wife came from a young artist at the big tree who had spent nearly two months crafting it, while the two prints on cloth were created by a lady from the women’s cooperative.